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Vehicle 51784

Class 120

BR Diagram 587

Builder: BR Swindon Works
Type: Cross Country
Length: 64ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: BR Standard
Engines: AEC 150hp
Transmission: Mechanical
Lot Number: 30559
Diagram: 587


05/12/59 New to 61A (Kittybrewster)
3w/e 02/04/60 Transferred to 66C (Hamilton)
Jun-60 Transferred to 61A (Kittybrewster)
3w/e 19/11/60 Transferred to 64H (Leith Central)
w/e 03/06/61 Transferred to 61A (Kittybrewster)
5w/e 04/02/67 Transferred to 60A (Inverness)
5w/e 06/09/69 Transferred to 66C (Hamilton)
Dec-70 Listed at 60A (Inverness)
p/e 09/06/79 Stored U. ZC
18/12/80 Withdrawn

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

51784 59682 51791 Transfer to 61A - Jun-60

51784 was involved in the following incident(s):

Oyne Derailment

12/5/78 - Near Oyne, ScR

Derailment involving Class 120

Info from Alan Binns, Mike Cooper, Peter Mullen

A road vehicle hit a railway bridge on the Aberdeen - Inverness Line, knocking it out of alignment, which was then hit by set 304 which derailed. More Details.



Date: 8th June 1960

An ScR official photo showing Sc51784 on the 8th June 1960. Location unknown. AA McLean Collection.


Date: May 1978

Set number: 304

51784 - which still appears to have the luggage rack lights on - and 59684 after derailing at Oyne in May 1978. Alan Rintoul.


Date: 6th October 1984

Set 304 was involved in an accident at Oyne on the 12/5/78. DMBF 51784 was withdrawn went to Glasgow Works for scrapping. It is seen there on the 6th October 1984. Bill Hamilton.

The vehicle is mentioned in the following images:


Date: 14th May 1960

A Swindon Cross-Country set (51784 + 59682 + 51792) sits in Callander station on the 14th May 1960 with a Six Lochs Land Cruise working. Michael Mensing.


Date: 12th May 1978

Set number: 304

Derailment near Oyne (Aberdeen - Inverness line), 12/5/78, following a lorry crashing into a bridge. Class 120 Set 304 containing DMS 51793 (left, on rails), TBS 59684 (centre, half on half off) and DMBC 51784 (right, on side). Scotpix courtesy of Peter Mullen.



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