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(g)  C.K.& P. Service introduced on January 2nd.

Reported that the service was proceeding satisfactorily but the following required attention -

  (i)  Heaters - Mr.Varley to get in touch with the makers.

 (ii)  Footboards - Complaint that these are far too narrow. Mr.Stanley said these cannot be made any wider owing to the gauge, but both he and Mr.King will look at again.

(iii)  Opening of doors - Complaint of difficulty in opening doors from inside owing to presence of window bars. Mr Stanley will look into this.

(h)  Parcels and Fish Traffic.

Mr.Gould reported that there has been a little difficulty with fish traffic on the C.K.& P. and a fish van had to be worked from Penrith to Workington each morning. Some difficulty was also anticipated when the Carlisle-Whitehaven services are introduced, and it is thought that two diesel parcel vehicles will be needed. Agreed that Mr.Read and Mr.Gould investigate the possibility of the traffic going by road, or alternatively, what the cost would be to introduce diesel parcels vehicles.


The Chairman stated that this scheme had now been submitted to the B.T.C.  The financial statements have been brought up-to-date which has reduced the anticipated annual saving by £15,000.

Mr.Read suggested that, having regard to the larger number of units required for the Manchester scheme, some of these units, as delivered, be diverted to other important areas such as Birmingham or Liverpool, so that the impression may not be given to the public that we are concentrating on one area of the Region only. The Chairman said he would discuss this point with the General Manager.

Mr.Gould intimated that since the scheme was prepared a later census had revealed heavier carryings of passengers and it may be that further units may be required, but this is being watched.

It was agreed that, as the dates of delivery of the units become known, the Committee shall decide at which points in the area they shall be introduced.

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