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4.  Preston - Blackpool  (Temporary service Feb.6th-11th, 1956)

Noted satisfactory working and receipts increasing daily. Public reaction favourable and District Officers hoping that service may be operated during Preston Holiday Week and week following, July 21st - August 4th.

A report on traffic receipts, public reactions, etc. to be furnished by C.C.M. and C.O.S., who will also look into question of service from July 21st to August 4th.

5.  British industries Fair.  April 23rd - May 4th, 1956.

Noted that similar arrangements to 1955 for diesel service have been made.


Thursday, March 15th, 1956, Room 134, Euston.



During an inspection of the 2-car Derby built unit temporarily working between Preston and Blackpool the following points were noted :-

1.  Colour of "feather plume' and lining of outside of units to be the same.

2.  Heights of backs of first and third class seats.  Two different heights tested and agreed that the lower height be adopted.

3.  Colour of inside of first class compartment.  Noted with approval and agreed this colour be adopted for future. Mr.Stanley to arrange for colour photographs of inside of first class compartment to be sent to Chairman.

4.  Luggage racks.  Derby built units have all-metal racks whilst Metro-Cammell built units have string racks. Agreed that all-metal racks be fitted on all future units, and Mr.Stanley to arrange.

5.  Isolation rod in guard's compartment to be placed on outside of driver's locker.

6.  Guard's clothes locker.  Mr. Gould has matter in hand.

7.  Ivorine labels showing carrying capacity.  Agreed these be removed.

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