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1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit Operation

(a)  Employment of vehicles available in 1959

The Chairman said that, following the discussion at the last meeting regarding the late delivery of 50 2-car sets from Cravens which had caused the Traffic Department to delay the introduction of new services, the General Manager and he had discussed with the Sales Engineer of C.A.V.Ltd. delays in delivery of alternators and rectifiers and the General Manager had also written personally to the Chairman of C.A.V.Ltd.  Mr.McLeod said he had that morning discussed the matter with the Sales Engineer of C.A.V.Ltd. and it was now apparent that deliveries would run parallel with our requirements, except during the firm's fortnight holiday period.

So far as this Region was concerned, the Chief Mechanical & Electrical Engineer had reported that there had been some confusion in the accurate definition of delivery requirements, and he had taken the necessary steps to rectify this.

The Committee noted with satisfaction the action taken direct with the suppliers in this particular case.  It was, of course, the opinion that this procedure should be used with restraint and only as a last resort after the Departmental Officer concerned had gone to the limit of his powers, otherwise the Officer's relationship with contractors might be weakened.

It was noted that a general direction in respect of the future progressing of works and equipment, including rolling stock, had been received from the Commission, and instructions would be issued in due course.

(b)  1960 Building Programme

Noted that the 1960 diesel multiple unit building programme as shown below had been approved:-

No. of
Marylebone Suburban services
  20 4-car 63'6" high density sets
  powered by 4 x 230 H.P. B.U.T.
  engines per set
Liverpool (C) - Manchester (C)
Express Services
  6 4-car 63'6" high density sets
  powered by 4 x 230 H.P. B.U.T.
  engines per set
Nottingham - Leicester area
and old G.C. Lines
  50 2-car 57' low density sets
  powered by 2 x 150 H.P. B.U.T.
  engines per motor car

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