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1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit Operation  (Contd.)

(b)  1960 Building Programme  (Contd.)

When approving this programme, the Works and Equipment Committee decided that the time had now been reached when it was essential to have a picture of the overall position and that future orders would have to be based on firm schemes and covered by actual programmes.

Reference was made to requirements of diesel multiple units for 1961, and Mr.Randle said that it was essential for works programme purposes that the 1961 requirements should be made known before the end of 1959.  It was noted that the D.T.S. had also this question under close consideration and also the preparation of submissions for future schemes.

(c)  Submission of Schemes

Noted statement of progress of compilation of future schemes (attached as Appendix "C") and agreed this be reviewed by the Committee every two months.  In the meantime Mr.Horner would arrange for graph illustrating the position to be produced and copies sent to the Chairman.

(d)  Future pattern of passenger train services

Noted that report of working party expected to be complete this week.

2.  Design of Units

(a)  Working Party Report on types of Multiple Unit Trains

Agreed Commission be advised that L.M.Region in general agreement with report up to including paragraph 8, but not with the minority viewpoint expressed in paragraph 9.

(b)  Exterior Colour of Units

Noted that at the request of the N.E.Region, units being constructed as Derby Works for that Region were now being painted in the standard locomotive green livery.

(c)  Diesel fuel additive, and filter for extracting sludge

Enquiries have revealed that an additive to eliminate obnoxious odours from diesel fumes has been marketed by Vigzol Oil Co. at 12s.6d. per gallon.

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