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St.Pancras Suburban Services  (Contd.)

(a) Programme for introduction of service  (Contd.)

Other works - Engineering
  and signalling between
  Harpenden and Bedford

Sept. 28th, 1959
Diesel services to be
  substituted for steam on
  existing timetables

Sept. 28th, 1959
Full diesel services to be
  in operation

Jan. 4th, 1960

(c) Cricklewood Maintenance Depot

Commission approval given in principle for preliminary expenditure.  Noted that formal submission now costed and sent to D.T.S.  Mr.Baker will expedite despatch to General Manager.

Mr.Lambert reported that work on the site was generally proceeding to programme but work on the side walls was being delayed owed to national shortage of bricks.  Sufficient facilities would be available to enable service to commence on September 28th.

(c) Publicity

Noted that an inaugural run with the General Manager, Departmental Officers, local dignitaries and press was being arranged for September 28th and, at the request of the Chairman, Mr.Crawshaw would invite members of the Committee.


Marylebone Suburban Services

(a) Submission of scheme

Noted scheme now approved by Area Board and awaiting Commission approval.

(b) Construction of units

Noted that Commission approval now given for a further 20 4-car 63'6" high density sets powered by 4 x 230 H.P. B.U.T. engines per set.

(c) Maintenance and fuelling facilities Marylebone Carriage Shed

Noted that final plan now in circulation for approval.

(d) Publicity

Noted L.T.E. have now issued pamphlet of their proposals, and P.R.& P.O. considering publicity for L.M.Region services.

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