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(a) Utilisation of stand-by train  (Contd.)

2.  No information is available regarding the time factor in replacing a coach in the set, but the coach which could be most easily replaced, i.e., the trailer coach, is the one which is least likely to fail in service as it has no power equipment.

3.  If a failure occurs while the train is in service, it will depend when and where it fails as to whether it can be replaced with the spare set which will normally be stabled at Reddish.  In the event of a failure at the London end it seems unlikely that the spare set will be available for replacement, in which event emergency arrangements would be made.

4.  A meeting has been arranged for July 15th to discuss further the detailed arrangements for running maintenance which is to be carried out by the Cricklewood Motive Power staff.  As it is understood that a Salaried C.M.& E.E. Supervisor will always be travelling with the train, it is probable that certain types of spares will be carried on the train.

(b)  Noise of auxiliary engines in stations

Noted that the final scheme and detailed costs for the provision of shore bases were being prepared by Mr.Robson.

(c)  Publicity

The Chairman said it was proposed to start discussions shortly with Metro-Cammell regarding publicity for these trains, and Mr.Crawshaw would be attending a meeting at the Commission on July 16th and would report result.

Tentative proposals were:-

 (i) a static display in London in September/October;

(ii) a demonstration run from London to Birmingham just before the train goes into service.

Mr.Blee had indicated his agreement with (i), but with regard to (ii), he was strongly of the opinion that the demonstration run should be on the Midland line.

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