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1.  Programme of diesel multiple unit operation  (Contd.)

(a)  1960 and 1961 Building Programmes  (Contd.)

Mr.Randle explained the technical difficulties which may arise under the suggested alteration to the 1960 programme and, after a full discussion, it was agreed that Messrs.Randle, Gould and Varley would jointly consider the matter and report for consideration at the next meeting.

In reference to the anticipated 1961 requirements, the Chairman again stressed that there was no prospect of the Commission agreeing to a block order.  Future orders would have to be based on firm schemes, and he requested Mr.Gould to arrange for special attention to be given to the compilation of schemes covering the 1961 requirements as it was essential, for works programme purposes, that the requirements should be made known before the end of 1959 or, at the latest, very early in 1960.

(b)  Submission of schemes

Statement of schemes still to be submitted was examined, and the Chairman drew attention to two schemes with a target date for submission of July 1959 as follows:-

 (i)  Birmingham - Redditch

(ii)  Manchester (C) - Liverpool (C) express services

With regard to (i), Mr.Gould stated that it was now doubtful if this scheme was worth pursuing.

With regard to (ii), Mr.Horner anticipated that the costing would be completed and passed to the D.T.S. within a week, and Mr.Gould would arrange for complete scheme to be submitted by the end of August.

In regard to the statement as a whole, the Chairman stressed the necessity for the target dates for submissions to the General Manager being adhered to and, whilst appreciating that the statement would only be reviewed by the Committee every two months, it was essential that the departments concerned should keep the matter constantly under review.

It was agreed that the graph suggested to illustrate the position would not serve the purpose visualised and that the statement already compiled would meet requirements.

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