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1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit Operation  (Contd.)

(b)  Submission of Schemes

Statement showing position, at the 12th October, of schemes still to be submitted (attached as Appendix "C") was examined.   Revised target dates were noted an the Chairman again drew attention to the Manchester (C) - Liverpool (C) express services scheme, the submission for which had not yet been submitted to the General Manager, although the units would come into production early in 1960.  It was stated that a re-assessment of the savings on steam locomotives was necessary, but this was well in hand and it was expected that the submission would be complete within the next month.

The Chairman again stressed the necessity for the submission of schemes covering the 1961 requirements of units in order that Mr.Randle could formulate the works programmes, and reiterated that future orders would have to be based on firm schemes.

(c)  Passenger Traffic Plan

Noted that the report of the Working Party had been passed to the Planning Officer.

2.  Design of Units

(a)  Diesel Fuel Additive

Noted that, following Mr.Randles's contact with the Research Department, it had been agreed that no useful purpose would be served by pursuing this matter.

3.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix "D".


1.  Buckingham - Banbury Servicea

Mr.Johnson reported that the East Midlands T.U.C.C. had approved the withdrawal of the passenger service between Buckingham and Banbury and the recommendation awaits confirmation by the Central T.U.C.C. on November 10th.  Subject to approval it was proposed to withdraw the service from January 2nd, 1960 and operate the displaced rail cars in the Bletchley - Buckingham service.

2.  Bedford - Hitchin - Northampton Services

Noted that the question of withdrawal of passenger services on these lines was still under consideration.

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