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1.  Minutes of meeting of Sub-Committee held on August 25th, 1959

Minute 708.
  Chester West Motive Power Depot

Mr.Gould asked for special attention to be given to the provision of maintenance and fuelling facilities at this depot.  It was the intention to commence the diesel service on the Wrexham - Chester - New Brighton line on the 4th January 1960 and to withdraw the Bidston-Seacombe passenger service on the same date.  The two operations must be concurrent and it was therefore essential for the facilities at Chester West to be available.  M.E.H.Baker stated that the small depot at Chester West would be ready for maintenance purposes but not for fuelling, and pressed for fuelling facilities to be available at Chester Northgate for the commencement of the new service.  Mr.Lambert said he was aware of the urgency and special measures were in hand.


1.  St.Pancras Suburban Services

(a) Introduction of Service

Noted that inaugural run took place on September 28th, and until January 4th, 1960, some off-peak services would be operated by diesel units working in steam timings.  From January 4th a new timetable based on all diesel working would be introduced.  Reference was made to a report on the general operation of diesel units on this service at the present time, and the Chairman said Mr.Varley would similarly report at intervals.

(b) Seating accomodation

The Chairman said that the General Manager, during the inaugural run, had heard several comments on the seating space, with the suggestion that the arm arrangement of the seats increased the impression of crowding.  The Committee fully discussed the matter an it was the majority view that the arm rests should remain, but it was agreed that Mr.Arkles's reply to the General Manager's enquiry should be awaited.  It was considered, however, that if a decision was made to remove the arm rests, this should not be undertaken on present units, but an experiment might be made on the units to be built for the Marylebone services, in which case Mr.Randle would require early notification.  Mr.Randle stated that comment has been made regarding the undue softness of the seats, and this point was under consideration in respect of future stock.

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