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(c) Publicity   (Contd.)

Tuesday, 24th November

"Dummy run" into Marylebone at 10.30am.

Wednesday, 25th November

Preview for B.B.C., T.V., I.T.V. and Newsreels.

Thursday, 26th November

Inspection :-

10.30am.  -  12.noon     Press
12.noon  -  12.30pm.     Cleaning period
12.30pm.  -   1.30pm.     B.T.C.
 1.30pm.  -   2.0pm.     Cleaning period
 2.0pm.  -   3.30pm.     Trade invitees and invited
  Officers of B.R.C.S. and

Friday, 27th November

Inspection :-

10.0am.  -   3.0pm.     Other B.T.C. and B.R. staff,
  including Regions.

In addition, arrangements are being made for two trial runs of the trains during week commencing January 4th, one from Manchester to Derby and return, and the second from London to Leicester and return.

It was the general wish of the Committee that they should have an opportunity of inspecting one of the trains, and it was considered that the most appropriate time would be during one of the service trials.  Mr.Pearson asked Mr.Randle to so arrange in conjunction with the Secretary.

(d) Utilisation of stand-by train

Noted that, following the Commission desire that the General Managers should give unremitting attention to the working out of a plan for pooling the spare sets, Messrs.Arkle and Pickford had jointly reported to the General Managers, and a report to the Commission was in preparation.  This report gives reasons why the standy-by trains are necessary and adds that the provision of such trains may indirectly be the means of reducing the proportion of spare sets eventually by attracting additional traffic in such measure as to bring about the running of additional services of the same nature without increase in the number of spare trains which either Region has to hold.

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