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1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit Operation  (Contd.)

(b)  Works Building Programme, 1961  (Contd.)

The Chairman asked for special attention to be given to the submission of schemes covering the requirement of 228 vehicles and an assurance was given that these would be submitted progressively up to June, 1960, and in sufficient time to meet Mr.Randle's requirements.

(c)  Alteration of 28 MC + DT units to MC + MC units

Noted that the Commission had approved the proposal of 29 motor vehicles in place of 29 trailers at an estimated cost of £197,200.

2.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix "C".

3.  Design of Units

(a)  Repair costs for engines and transmissions

Noted that Messrs.Robson and Harris were collaborating in the preparation of a revised basis for repair costs of Rolls Royce and B.U.T. engines and transmissions.

It was agreed that, as the Commission had accepted the repair costs in use, it was appropriate that the views of the Chief Mechanical Engineer, B.T.C. be obtained.

4.  Diesel Parcels Vans

Noted that the first of the two diesel parcels vans for the St.Pancras suburban scheme was delivered to Cricklewood on December 30th.  Information was awaited from the Commission as to when the second van could be expected.


(i)  Buckingham - Banbury Services

Mr.Johnson reported that a re-submission to the East Midland T.U.C.C. of the proposal for withdrawal of passenger train service, without provision of an alternative bus service, was under consideration and consultation between Mr.Arkle and Mr.Sinclair of the B.M.M.O.Company continued.

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