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2.  Marylebone Suburban Services

(a) Submission of Scheme

Mr.Johnson stated that the report of the working party set up by the Central T.C.C. on the Metropolitan Line case had been examined and it was proposed to accept the views expressed in the report.

It was noted that Mr.Arkle would reply to the General Manager's letter of December 7th, after which the Chairman would agree with the L.T.E. a reply to the Commission on the Works & Equipment Committee's Minute.

(b) Marylebone Carriage Shed

The Chairman referred to a letter from the Chief Civil Engineer indicating that expenditure of the order of £290,000 would be involved for the provision of fuelling facilities and the modernisation of the depot at Marylebone, an increase of £103,000 over the sum already authorised, and stated that considerable difficulty had been experienced in getting authority for the original estimated expenditure of £187,000 and there was no prospect of a further amount of £103,000 being authorised.  It was established in the discussion that a considerable part of the £103,000 was for addtional items.

Considerable discussion arose on the necessity for the high expenditure on some of the items included in the total of £103,000, particularly in respect of the washing machine, Barge Sidings, ventilation, etc. an it was agreed that Mr.M'Ilmoyle, together with representatives of other departments concerned, should re-examine the whole position and revised estimates be prepared by the end of January, 1960, for discussion at the next meeting on the Committee.

(c) Publicity

The proposed date for the commencement of the service was considered, and Mr.Lawrence said that although the new service had been agreed by the T.U.C.C., having regard to what had transpired regarding the carriage shed, it would be necessary for the target date for commencement of the service to be re-considered.  He visualised the earliest possible date as September, 1960, and it was decided that the new service could not now commence earlier than September, 1960, but the prospects would be further considered at the next meeting.

(d) Construction of units

Delivery of 35 4-car sets to commence in February, 1960, and continue at the rate of 4 1/2 vehicles per week until completion in September, 1960.

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