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(a) Delivery of Trains

First train - Mr.Randle stated that further trouble was being experienced with the main generators.  The problem of the poor riding over the power bogies had not yet been settled and the train would have to be returned to the makers for modifications.

Second train - Mr.Randle stated that modifications were being carried out to the second train following experience with the trials of the first train, and it was now expected that the second train would be delivered to Derby Works on January 2nd, 1960.

(b) Commencement of service

Noted that the Chief Mechanical Engineer, B.T.C. had had a discussion with the makers and other companies associated with the trains when it was agreed that it would require at least until the end of February 1960, if not longer, in order to complete the programme of investigation and testing necessary.

Mr.Randle was unable to give a closer approximation than that given by Mr.Harrison.

It was noted that, in the meantime, driver training was continuing.

(c) Publicity

Noted that essential publicity material was in course of preparation but no action would be taken in respect of publicity until the date of introduction of the service was quite definite.

(d) Inspection by Diesel Trains Committee

Noted that, following the inspection by the Diesel Trains Committee on December 10th, the following had been arranged :-

  (i) Public announcements - It was the intention that these should be made by the Pullman Car Conductor and a script be prepared.

 (ii) Layout of brake van - Mr.Randle was arranging for mirrors for look-out purposes to be provided, similar to those fitted on the Manchester-Bury sets.

(iii) Cleaning of interiors - Mr.Arkle was in touch with the Research Department regarding a suitable solvent for cleaning the lanide covering.

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