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1.  Programme of diesel multiple unit operation  (Contd.)

(c)  1961 Diesel Multiple Unit Building Programme  (Contd.)

It was stated that the point would eventually be reached when no diesel multiple units would be available for peak summer workings and that the possible use of locomotive hauled steam stock was in mind.

Mr.E.H.Baker said that in respect of the 74 MC + MC 2-car sets required for the Manchester Part 4 and Manchester Part 5 schemes, he understood it was the intention that each of the 148 motor cars should be fitted with a single 238 h.p. Rolls Royce engine.  If this were so, the performance of these units because of the poor factor of adhesion would be unsatisfactory, and Mr.Robson was strongly opposed to this design.  The relative maintenance costs of different makes of diesel multiple unit engines were discussed, and Mr.Baker stressed that because performance would be unsatisfactory these costs were not the deciding factor in connection with the single engined units proposed.

Further, with the 20 M.Cs. for the Liverpool-Manchester- Todmorden-Leeds service Mr.Baker suggested that it was undesirable to introduce a further type of motor car.  Only a few 180 h.p. engines were in use on the L.M.R., and he suggested that one of the designs already in general use should be adopted.

It was noted that Mr.Reynolds would discuss the matter with Mr.Robson.

2.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix 'A'.


1.  Buckingham - Banbury Services

Mr.Johnson reported that proposals had now been received from the B.M.M.O.Company offering to lower the charges for certain services in operation and also the proposed Buckingham - Banbury service.  The latter would reduce the amount of subsidy.  The question of an annual review of the subsidy was still to be considered but a report would be submitted to the General Manager recommending that the annual review system be varied in this instance and that the rail passenger service be withdrawn.

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