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2.  Bedford - Hitchin - Northampton service

Noted that the three rail buses had now been transferred to the Scottish Region and the service was being operated by standard units.

Mr. Johnson reported that the case for the withdrawal of the passenger service was still proceeding.


Minutes of meetings of Sub-Committee held on January 19th and February 23rd, 1960

Mr.Reynolds referred to the large number of items outstanding and consideration was given to the undermentioned depots:-

Min.790. Holyhead

The urgency for the provision of fuelling facilities for diesel locomotives at Holyhead was stressed and Mr.Martin would specially investigate.

Min.791. Diesel Locomotives for the Midland Lines

Mr.Reynolds referred to the large number of schemes under development for the maintenance and servicing of diesel locomotives on the Midland lines and asked for special attention to be given to this having regard to the number of locomotives being delivered, and the allocation of an additional 79 locomotives to the Region in the 1960 Building programme, originally included in the 1961 proposals.

Min.793. Cricklewood

Mr.Martin stated that the position in regard to the diesel locomotive portion of this shed had been reviewed since the last meeting of the sub-committee and the whole scheme would now be completed by January 1961.  Likewise the completion date for the heavy repair shop would be brought forward and Mr.Martin would advise Mr.Reynolds the revised target date.

Min.796. Nottingham (London Road Low Level)

Noted that C.C.E. has now received departmental estimates and scheme was being prepared.

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