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1.  Marylebone Suburban Services

(a) Marylebone Carriage Shed

Reference was made to sub-committee Minute 801 which stated that the whole scheme should be completed by September, 1961.  Mr.Martin said that the proposals should be ready in time for submission to the April Area Board meeting, and in the meantime tenders were being invited within the existing authority.  He could not guarantee that the C.C.E's portion of the work would be complete before June, 1961 (after which the the C.M.& E.E. would require three months for his work), but he could arrange for his work to be so planned as to enable the C.M.& E.E. to cover his work concurrently with the C.C.E's work.  Mr.Lawrence considered it advisable that a period of three months be allowed for the running in of the maintenance facilities, after the completion of the depot, and it was agreed that Mr.Martin, in conjunction with other departments concerned, would review the whole position with the object, if possible, of bringing forward the target dates mentioned.  The depot must be in full working order before the complete service was started.

(b) Commencement of service

Having regard to the discussion respecting Marylebone carriage shed, the timetable for the introduction of the scheme was reconsidered and it was agreed this be amended as follows with the proviso that the dates shown may require to be further amended following the review of the position regarding Marylebone Carriage Shed:-

Inaugural run To be decided when the firm completion date for the maintenance depot is known.
Amersham-Aylesbury shuttle service (diesel units) (maintained at Bletchley) June, 1961.
Gradual introduction in steam timings September, 1961.
Complete operation of the full scheme. March, 1962.

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