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1.  St.Pancras Suburban Services

(a) General Position.  St.Pancras - Bedford

Reference was made to the technical defects which had occurred with the final drive fitted to the 238 H.P. Rolls Royce, and it was noted that, during the week up to March 4th, there had been no failures to final drives, either in traffic or found during mileage examination.  All final drives had been fitted with restrictors and all drives had had oil changes.  Modified final drives had been fitted to 9 power cars and the work on the remainder was proceeding as quickly as possible.

The considerable improvement in the diesel service previously reported had been maintained.

(b) Removal of arm rests

It was noted that the cost of the removal of the arm rests was being investigated.

(c) Moorgate Service

Mr.Lawrence reported that difficulty was being experienced in maintaining the passenger service on the Moorgate line due to the unreliability of the Metro-Vickers/Crossley diesel locomotives, and stressed the urgent necessity for the operation of this service by a more reliable type of diesel locomotive or by diesel multiple units.

After full consideration it was agreed that, as a temporary measure, the service be operated by diesel multiple units, provided that tunnel clearances were adequate.  In this respect Mr.Martin would make investigation and Mr.Gould would ascertain whether it would be necessary for trip cocks to be fitted to the multiple units.

It was felt that, although the service might be temporariliy operated by multiple units, there should be no deviation from the principals of operation by diesel locomotives, and the Motive Power Officer would look into the possibility of alternative types of diesel locomotives being placed on the Moorgate service.

(d) Overspending on conversion of goods lines etc.

Mr.Reynolds stated that it had now been revealed that over £100,000 had been overspent on the conversion of the goods lines and associated works and the necessary submission to the Commission was being prepared.  It was stated

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