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Class 105/6 Cravens 2 & 3-car DMUs


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105 DMU

1st October 1981
A 2 car Craven dmu on a train to Beverley waits outside Hull Paragon's beautiful North Eastern Railway 1904 trainshed on 1st October 1981. Pete LG99.

105 DMU


Set Number: 37

22nd May 1982
The 12.40 Doncaster - Cambridge has Cravens set 37 trailer E56457 with a Stratford painted silver roof, while alongside just arriving is the 14.30 Cambridge - Lincoln Central with Derby heavyweight Class 114 E50013 + E56045. In March station on May 22nd 1982. Gerard Fletcher.

105 DMU


Set Number: 37

22nd May 1982
On 22nd May 1982, the 12.40 Doncaster - Cambridge dmu is formed of Cravens Class 105 set no. 37, E50370 + E56457 which had been transferred from Stratford to Norwich three months earlier. It didn't last much longer and was withdrawn in October 1983. There was always an air of desolation about the joint line platforms at weekends without the passage of freights in and out of Whitemoor. Gerard Fletcher.

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