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Class 116 Derby 3-car DMUs


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116 DMU

10th April 1976
A Derby suburban DMU makes a smokey departure up the bank from Stratford for Birmingham Moor Street station past the drooping Great Western lower quadrant signal on 10th April 1976. The north signal box is in the left distance. Pete LG99.

116 DMU

Set Number: P355

10th April 1976
Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, on 10th April 1976. The Great Western Railway station at Stratford remained intact into the mid-1970s when the Down platform buildings were demolished. The covered footbridge remained and a Birmingham Moor Street-bound dmu waits alongside it. At this time the line south to Honeybourne and Cheltenham was still open for freight. However shortly afterwards a derailment at Winchcombe gave British Railways an excuse to close the through line completely. Pete LG99.

116 DMU

10th April 1976
Leamington Spa Warwickshire 10th April 1976. A commuter takes his leisurely time to his seat on the dmu in the northside Up Bay at this Great Western Railway station. Trains at this time would have terminated at Birmingham Moor Street since the through lines to Snow Hill were closed in 1967. Maybe that's the Daily Telegraph he's carrying. Plenty of good jobs going inside there according to the hoarding. Pete LG99.

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Details about preserved Class 116s can be found here.

Thanks to Mac Winfield, Ian Fleming and John Thomlinson for much of the information on this Class.

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