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Class 120 Swindon 3-car DMUs


Green Class 120

The first sets appeared in the light MU green, lined and with speed whiskers, although most were delivered in lined Loco (Brunswick) Green. All had a grey roof with a white cab dome, and red bufferbeam, and the inner ends, bogies and underframes were black. Sets delivered with the four character train indicator had no space for whiskers. The first image shows a set in original colours at Shrewsbury on 31/12/63. David Faircloth.

Yellow warning panels later replaced the whiskers, and the MU green sets would likely become Loco Green at the same time.

Scottish sets later received a yellow first class stripe while still carrying green livery.


Yellow Doors Class 120

When corporate blue appeared some WR sets appeared in the matt looking blue livery with small yellow panels, and umber brown underframe, and at least one with a full yellow end and yellow cab doors, as the image shows. Taken at Swindon Works in Summer 1967, note also the set number painted on the solebar. This seems to read BL527, which probably means this is 50650. David Faircloth.

Blue / Grey

Most went straight into standard blue/grey with full yellow ends. The ScR sets received the overall Rail Blue livery, not becoming blue/grey till the late '70s. The image shows a set in standard Blue/Grey livery, this is 51782, originally a ScR vehicle and seen at Ayr depot after a spell on the Western Region. Bill Hamilton.

Before delivery three vehicles were used to try experimental liveries. In October '57 Swindon painted 50703 a light beige above the waistline, blue grey below. 50705 was light grey above the waistline, medium grey below. The other (likely to have been 50704) was in a pale milky green all over with a wide yellow line below the window. Vehicles 50706 - 8 were also noted at the same time, in the standard livery.

53708 was noted as being the last of the class to carry the yellow stripe for first class, at Sep/Oct '85.

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