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BR 33056 series Driving Instructions

These were introduced around the 1970s, replacing the 33003 series. These were A5 size, coloured cover with white pages.

If you have any issues / variants not listed here, I would be pleased to hear from you.

BR 33056/2 - Driving Instructions

DMU drivers manual 33056-2

Issue 5
September 1978

PDF Download (4.5mb)

BR 33056/9 - Drivers Static Duties

DMU drivers manual 33056-9

Issue 5
January 1980

PDF Download (3.5mb)

BR 33056/13 - Drivers Fault Finding Data

DMU drivers manual 33056-13

Issue 4
February 1981

PDF Download (5.5mb)

Each version clearly excludes the Class 126s - I haven't come across any equivalent for the Class 126!

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