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DMU Manuals - general

cover image

The Railwayman's Diesel Manual

William F. Bolton

There are several editions of these book, the earlier ones have more DMU content, as there were less locos around!

1956 onwards

cover image

Diesel Rail-Cars

(An Introduction)
R. H. Mann

Draughtsmen's And Allied Technicians' Association

Quite technical in places (some big equations), but a good look at DMUs.

From the 1963-4 session.

cover image

Twenty Years' Experience with Diesel Railcars

FHG Wakefield

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Great Reading. 19 pages of problems!, and 19 pages of discussion. NOTE: Issued by the Railway Division of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, formerly The Institute of Locomotive Engineers.

Journal Part 1 1971, Paper RDP 2/71

cover image

Epicyclic Gearing

Major W. G. Wilson

The Institute of Automobile Engineers

A 1932 paper on the 'Wilson' gearbox, the cover shown is a 1956 reprint issued on training courses at Self Changing Gears Ltd.

1932 / 1956

cover image

The use of Aluminium in Railway Rolling Stock

Proceedings of a symposium

The Institution of Locomotive Engineers

Paper number seven is "British Railways experience with light alloy railcars" by AE Robson. This article is 12 pages and well illustrated, and is a very detailed look at the Derby vehicles, their construction and problems.

27th May 1960

cover image

Railcar Development on British Railways

AE Robson

The Institution of Locomotive Engineers

40 pages on all aspects of DMUs, again well illustrated, and another 45 pages from question and answer sessions. A must!

Journal 285, 1962-3 Part 1, Paper 632

cover image

Main Works Repair of Diesel Multiple Units

CH Garratt

The Institution of Locomotive Engineers

31 pages on the shopping of vehicles, planned and unplanned, and 9 pages of discussion.

Journal 298, 1962-3 Part 5, Paper 639

cover image

Diesel Multiple Unit Cooling Systems

MM Rix

The Institution of Locomotive Engineers

11 pages on how to keep your cool.

Journal 328, 1969-70 Part 2, Paper 721

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