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Notes of 18th meeting held at Euston,
Wednesday, 4th November, 1953.


Mr.E.S.Hunt - Chairman
Mr. S.T.Clayton, Assistant Motive Power Supt, Euston
Mr.N.H.R.Dade, Assistant to Accountant, Euston.
Mr.T.Fiske, Assistant (Works & Equipment), Office of C.R.M., Euston
Mr.S.A.Fitch, Assistant Operating Supt., Euston
Mr.H.Leach, Assistant to Commercial Superintendent, Euston
Mr.H.G.N.Read, Assistant Commercial Supt., Euston
Mr.E.Stanley, Assistant C.&W. Engineer, Derby
Mr.C.Lakin, Office of C.R.M., Euston.



61.   West Cumberland Scheme.

(a)  Building Programme.

The Chairman said it was understood that the 13 2-car sets being built for this scheme were of aluminium alloy, and it had been stated that by the use of this metal the cost of a 2-car set was £5,000 higher than a similar set would be if built in light weight steel, which, in the case of the West Cumberland scheme would amount to approximately £65,000.  Mr.Watkins had discussed the matter with Messrs.Harrison and Randle and had raised the point as to whether, in view of the increase in horse power from 125 to 150 per motor, this higher expenditure would be justified in any future programme.

With regard to delivery of the units, although it was understood that the first order for 13 units was to be for West Cumberland, this had not been officially confirmed by the B.T.C.  The original delivery date for this order was 30th October 1954 but this had been ammended to the end of December 1954.  It was stated, however, that, subject to an increased delivery of engines, the programme may be improved by 50%, and if this improvement commences at the beginning of the lay-down of the units, the order may be completed by August 1954.  Mr.Fitch emphasised the advantage of introducing the diesel service in this area at the same time as the commencement of the winter service of 1954, and said that for this to be done the Operating Department should know by the end of March 1954 whether the units would definately be available for the winter service.  Mr.Stanley hoped to be able to give this information early in January 1954.


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