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Minutes 422 - 430


Minutes of 38th meeting held at Blackpool,
8th/9th February, 1956.


Mr.E.S.Hunt, Assistant General Manager.   (Chairman)
"  B.Adkinson, Assistant Motive Power Supt., Euston
"  A.N.Butland, Assistant Civil Engineer, Euston
"  T.Fiske, Assistant to General Manager (Modernisation), Euston
"  S.H.Gould, Assistant Operating Superintendent, Euston
"  E.J.Larkin Assistant M.& E. Engineer, Derby
"  N.Nicolls, Assistant to Regional Accountant, Euston
"  H.G.N.Read, Assistant Commercial Manager, Euston
"  A.T.Salmon, Assistant Public Relations & Publicity Officer, Euston
"  E.Stanley, Assistant to C.& W.Engineer, Derby
"  R.Varley, Assistant to General Manager, Euston
"  C. Lakin, General Manager's Office, Euston.   (Secretary)



1.  Minutes of meeting of 29th December, 1955


2.  Programme of Light Weight Diesel Operation over the next five years.

The Chairman said it was advisable to consider the formulation of a five year plan for light weight diesel operation bearing in mind future schemes for electrification under the Modernisation Plan.  Experience with operation by diesel units had now shown that for some schemes the original requirement of units would need to be increased, and this, together with the schemes which were under consideration for future operation, stressed the need for a long term policy, particularly to ensure that supplies of materials would be available when required.

It was agreed desirable to advise the B.T.C. as early as possible the approximate number of units likely to be required up to January 1960, this to include units required for any amendment to schemes already in mind, and Messrs.Gould and Read will furnish a memorandum for consideration by the Committee at an early date.


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