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Minutes 446 - 452.


Minutes of 41st meeting held at Euston - 7th June, 1956.


Mr. E.S.Hunt, Assistant General Manager.   (Chairman)
 " B.Adkinson, Assistant Motive Power Supt., Euston
 " A.N.Butland, Assistant Civil Engineer, Euston
 " T.Fiske, Assistant to General Manager (Modernisation), Euston
 " S.H.Gould, Assistant Operating Superintendent, Euston
 " E.A.Langridge, representing Assistant M.& E. Engineer, Derby
 " N.Nicolls, Assistant to Regional Accountant, Euston
 " H.G.N.Read, Assistant Commercial Manager, Euston
" A.T.Salmon, Assistant Public Relations & Publicity Officer, Euston
 " E.Stanley, Assistant to C.& W.Engineer, Derby
 " R.Varley, Assistant to General Manager, Euston
 " C.Lakin, General Manager's Office.   (Secretary)



1.     Minutes of meeting of 30th April, 1956.


2.     Programme of Light Weight Diesel operation over the next five years.

Messrs. Gould and Read reported that progress in framing further schemes was unavoidably suffering some delay partly because the staff involved are also working on the investigation into unremunerative passenger services and partly because of the need to establish a policy respecting some of the lines which are being considered for inclusion.

The Chairman said it was necessary in respect of diesel schemes, for there to be a minimum of delay in forming estimates of the number of diesel units which are likely to be required throughout the Region in the next few years so that orders may be placed for them.

Mr. Stanley said it was essential, in order to achieve continuity of building in the Works, that the Carriage & Wagon Engineer be advised of future requirements as a matter of urgency.

3.     Future schemes in course of preparation but not yet considered by Committee.

It was noted that, in regard to the following the position was as stated in Minute 446(2), except for St.Pancras Suburban Services, which is unaffected by the unremunerative services enquiry.

- continued -

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