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Minutes 475 - 485


Minutes of 44th meeting held at Euston, Tuesday, 11th December, 1956.

Mr. E.S.Hunt, Assistant General Manager.   (Chairman)
 " B.Adkinson, Assistant Motive Power Supt., Euston
 " A.N.Butland, Assistant Civil Engineer, Euston
 " T.Fiske, Assistant (Modernisation) to General Manager, Euston
 " S.H.Gould, Assistant Operating Superintendent, Euston
 " J.J.Finlayson, Assistant M.& E. Engineer, Derby
 " N.Nicolls, Assistant to Regional Accountant, Euston
 " H.G.N.Read, Assistant Commercial Manager, Euston
 " A.T.Salmon, Assistant Public Relations & Publicity Officer, Euston
 " E.Stanley, Assistant to C.& W.Engineer, Derby
 " R.Varley, Assistant to General Manager, Euston
 " C.Lakin, General Manager's Office.   (Secretary)



1.  Minutes of meeting of 30th October, 1956.


2.  Programme of Light Weight Diesel operation over next five years.

The Chairman said that the B.T.C. require the order for 1,000 vehicles for the London Midland Region to be allocated between future schemes.  Mr.Gould stated that it would not be possible to make such allocation until individual schemes are formulated and it was agreed that the allocation of these vehicles be reported as each future scheme is submitted for approval.

3.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors.

(a) Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix "B".

(b) At the meeting of the Committee on the 30th October it was agreed that the nine 2-car sets be allocated from the London Midland to the Scottish Region be taken from the 15 2-car sets on order from Park Royal.  Now understood that B.T.C. are proposing to allocated 9 2-car sets from Gloucester Carriage & Wagon Company to Scotland.  B.T.C. to be requested to allocate Park Royal vehicles to Scottish Region, otherwise completion of Manchester Part 1 scheme will be further delayed.


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