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Minutes 542 - 550


Minutes of 51st meeting held on Tuesday, 19th November,1957


Mr. L.M. Sayers, Assistant General Manager (Chairman)
Mr. B. Adkinson, Assistant Motive Power Supt., Euston
Mr. A.N. Butland, Assistant Civil Engineer, Euston
Mr. George Dow,  Commercial Officer, Euston
Mr. J.J.Finlayson,  Assistant M.& E.Engineer, Derby
Mr. S.H. Gould, Operating Officer, Euston
Mr. N. Nicholls, Assistant to Regional Accountant, Euston
Mr. A.T. Salmon, Assistant Public Relations & Publicity Officer, Euston
Mr. E. Stanley, Assistant C.& W. Engineer, Derby
Mr. R. Varley, Assistant to General Manager, Euston
Mr. C. Lakin, General Manager's Office, Euston   (Secretary)



1.  Minutes of meeting of 10th October, 1957


2.  Title of Committee

It was decided that having regard to the varied types of diesel units now in service, it would be appropriate for the title of the Committee to be altered from "Diesel Light Weight Trains Committee" to Diesel Trains Committee".

3.  Programme of diesel train operation over the next five years

Allocation of 1,000 vehicles ordered for 1958 and 1959.

      Types Total
    A.3.   B.2.   A.3. B.1.
        (R.R.238 H.P.)    
1958   51 51     102  
1959   50 50 210 210 520  
For St.Pancras Scheme )         180  
63'6"  vehicles with )        
R.R.238 H.P. Engines )          
          Total 802 vehicles

4.  Proposed use of 238 H.P. Rolls Royce Engines

The Chairman said that a meeting had now been held with the Technical Officers of the B.T.C. at which Messrs. Harrison, Gould and Adkinson were also present and arising out of this a further meeting is to be held


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