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Minutes 551 - 561


Minutes of 52nd meeting held on Wednesday, 15th Jan. 1958


Mr. L.M. Sayers, Assistant General Manager (Chairman)
Mr. B. Adkinson, Assistant Motive Power Superintendent., Euston
Mr. George Dow,  Commercial Officer, Euston
Mr. J. Elliott, Assistant Engineer (Permanent Way), Euston
Mr. J.J.Finlayson,  Assistant M.& E.Engineer, Derby
Mr. T. Fiske, Assistant to General Manager (Modernisation)
Mr. S.H. Gould, Operating Officer, Euston
Mr. N. Nicholls, Assistant to Regional Accountant, Euston
Mr. A.T. Salmon, Assistant Public Relations & Publicity Officer, Euston
Mr. E. Stanley, Assistant C.& W. Engineer, Derby
Mr. R. Varley, Assistant to General Manager, Euston
Mr. C. Lakin, General Manager's Office, Euston   (Secretary)



1.  Minutes of meeting of 19th November, 1957


2.  Programme of diesel train operation over the next five years

Noted that it has been found necessary to re-consider the requirements of diesel units for 1958 and 1959 in relation to capacity available in railway and contractor's works, and as a result of this reconsideration, the following vehicles will be allocated to this Region :-

    Types Total  
    A.1.     A.2.  
1958   6   6 (DTC) 12 Liverpool-Gateacre-
Warrington scheme.
    24   14 (DTC) 48 Not yet allocated.
1959   12   12 (MC) 24 Manchester Part 2
    59   59 (DTC) 118 Not yet allocated.
  (including 9 carried over from 1958)
    50   50 (MC) 100 Not yet allocated.
    (subject to agreement to fit one 238 H.P.
Rolls Royce power equipment to each vehicle)
Total   151   151   302  


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