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Minutes 641 - 650


Minutes of 61st Meeting held at Euston, January 13th, 1959


Mr. A.J.Pearson, Assistant General Manager, Euston (Chairman)
" E.H.Baker, Motive Power Officer, Euston
" J.J.Finlayson,  Assistant M.& E.Engineer, Derby
" T.Fiske, Assistant to General Manager (Modernisation), Euston
" S.H.Gould, Operating Officer, Euston
" N.Horner, Assistant Accountant, Euston
" A.J.Johnson, Assistant Commercial Officer, Euston
" F.L.Lambert, Assistant Civil Engineer, Euston
" A.T.Salmon, Assistant P.R.& P.O., Euston
" E.Stanley, Assistant C.& W.Engineer, Derby
" R.Varley, Assistant to General Manager (Special Duties), Euston
" C.Lakin, General Manager's Office, Euston   (Secretary)


At the start of the meeting, the Chairman welcomed Mr.Horner and Mr.Lambert as members of the Committee.

Minutes of meeting of December 9th, 1958



1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit Operation

The Chairman referred to the position, as anticipated by the Director of Traffice Services, in regard to vehicles to be delivered in 1959 and 1960 as shown hereinafter, and drew special attention to the fact that 116 vehicles were still not allocated to schemes.  It was imperative that these vehicles be put into service when delivered, but the position remained that submissions for schemes to absorb the vehicles had not yet been received.

Mr.Gould explained that whilst every effort was being made by the Divisional Traffic Managers and Headquarters to finalise schemes, the reduction in the revenue budget for 1959 had necessitated a further review of all passenger services with the object of cutting out those which were uneconomical, and it was on account of this that considerable delay was being experienced in the submission of further diesel schemes.


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