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Minutes 669 - 678


Minutes of 64th Meeting held at Euston, April 29th, 1959



Mr. A.J.Pearson, Assistant General Manager, Euston (Chairman)
" E.H.Baker, Motive Power Officer, Euston
" T.Fiske, Assistant (Modernisation) to General Manager, Euston
" S.H.Gould, Operating Officer, Euston
" N.Horner, Assistant Accountant, Euston
" A.J. Johnson, Assistant Commercial Officer, Euston
" F.L.Lambert, Assistant Civil Engineer, Euston
" A.T.Salmon, Assistant P.R.& P.O., Euston
" E.Stanley, Assistant C.& W.Engineer, Derby
" R.Varley, Assistant (Special Duties) to General Manager, Euston
" C.Lakin, General Manager's Office, Euston   (Secretary)



Minutes of Meeting of March 24th, 1959



1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit Operation

(a)  Employment of vehicles available in 1959

Noted that vehicles delivered or to be delivered by June 15th, 1959 would be put into service from that day.  Further vehicles delivered from June 15th to September 14th would be put into service on the latter date, and those delivered between September and the end of 1959 would be put into service on January 4th, 1960.  Thus the whole of the vehicles delivered for the Region during 1959 would be in service by January 4th, 1960.

Mr.Gould said that diesel multiple units would be introduced, for the time being, in straight substitution for the present steam trains on the following services as from June 15th, 1959:-

Manchester (Central) - Warrington (Central)
Manchester (Central) - Chester (Northgate)
Manchester (London Road) - Hayfield - Macclesfield (Central) (2nd stage)
Manchester (Victoria) - Blackpool - Fleetwood - Preston.



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