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Minutes 679 - 688


Minutes of 65th Meeting held at Euston, June 12th, 1959



Mr. A.J.Pearson, Assistant General Manager, Euston (Chairman)
" T.Fiske, Assistant (Modernisation) to General Manager, Euston
" S.H.Gould, Operating Officer, Euston
" N.Horner, Assistant Accountant, Euston
" A.J. Johnson, Assistant Commercial Officer, Euston
" F.L.Lambert, Assistant Civil Engineer, Euston
" A.T.Salmon, Assistant P.R.& P.O., Euston
" E.Stanley, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer (Maintenance), Derby
" L.D.Taylor, Assistant Motive Power Officer, Euston
" R.Varley, Assistant (Special Duties) to General Manager, Euston
" C.Lakin, General Manager's Office, Euston   (Secretary)



Minutes of Meeting of April 29th, 1959



1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit operation

(a)  Employment of vehicles available in 1959

Noted that diesel multiple units would be introduced on the following lines on Monday, June 15th, in straight substitution for some present steam services :-

Manchester (Central) - Warrington (Central)
Manchester (Central) - Chester (Northgate)
Manchester (Victoria) - Preston - Blackpool - Fleetwood
Manchester (Victoria) - Southport
Manchester (Victoria) - Liverpool (Exchange)
Rochdale - Liverpool (Exchange)
Rochdale - Blackpool

These services, together with the extension of the Manchester Part 2 and the Liverpool Lime Street - St.Helens - Wigan on the same day, would absorb the whole of the vehicles delivered by June 15th.

Mr.Gould stated that it had been the intention to augment the present diesel multiple unit services on the Manchester (London Road) - Hayfield - Macclesfield (C) line on the same date but this had to be deferred owing to the delivery dates for vehicles from Messrs.Cravens being put back.



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