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Minutes 720 - 729


Minutes of 69th Meeting held at Euston, Friday, November 27st, 1959



Mr. A.J.Pearson, Assistant General Manager, Euston  (Chairman)
" F.W.Baker, Economic Survey Officer, Euston
" T.Fiske, Assistant to General Manager (Modernisation), Euston
" S.H.Gould, Operating Officer, Euston
" N.Horner, Assistant Accountant, Euston
" A.J.Johnson, Assistant Commercial Officer, Euston
" H.Randle, Assistant Chief Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, Derby
" W.O.Reynolds, Planning Officer, Euston
" A.T.Salmon, Assistant Public Relations & Publicity Officer, Euston
" L.D.Taylor, Assistant Motive Power Officer, Euston
" R.Varley, Assistant to General Manager (Special Duties), Euston
" C.Lakin, General Manager's Office, Euston   (Secretary)



Minutes of meeting of October 21st, 1959



1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit operation

(a)  1960/1961 Building Programmes

Noted that the Works and Equipment Committee had approved the proposal for 29 of the 50 MC + DT units in the 1960 programme for the Nottingham-Leicester and old G.C. lines to be altered to MC + MC units, and the proposal now awaits Commission approval.

(b)  Submission of Schemes

Statement showing position, as at 18th November, of schemes still to be submitted (attached as appendix "B") was considered.  Mr.Gould said that the previous forecasts of completion of submissions had been over-optimistic, particularly in regard to the progress through the Costs Office, but arrangements were being made to overcome any difficulty.  Reference was made to the inclusion in the statement of time required by Regional Accountant for financial assessment, and Mr.Gould and Mr.Horner would jointly consider this.



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