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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs

Liveries - The Blue era

From the late '60s all over blue appeared, with full yellow ends, although a few had just a small yellow panel for a short time. Another short lived blue livery was painting the cab door yellow as well.

The first images shows the standard rail blue livery. Also note the early set no. (28) and the 'G' on the blue square. This was a Scottish variant on 'LW'. Stuart Rankin.

The second images shows the early version of blue livery with small yellow panels. The other characteristics of this were red buffer beams, brown underframe, small numerals, and the BR sign on the cab door. Stuart Rankin.

The final images shows another very short livery. The Gloucesters had a very large wrap round to the cab door as it was, without adding to it like this! Stuart Rankin

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