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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs

Liveries - The Green era

The sets were delivered in cream lined multiple-unit ("malachite") green, without whiskers. Buffers were black on a red buffer beam. The first image shows a set in its original livery, taken at Duddingston, a station on the Edinburgh suburban circular route. George Staddon.

Class 100 with whiskers

Whiskers seemed to be rather scarce (or I've just not got an even spread of photographs?). Also noteworthy in this picture is on the outer side of the buffers the shedcode is painted (21F).

In the early '60s small yellow panels were applied, but with the route indicator box staying green, and they would likely be repainted in loco ("brunswick") green at about this time.

The final image shows a set at Waverley circa 1965, recently painted into loco green with yellow panels. Tail lamps were carried as red bulbs were not fitted to the marker lights to allow them to be used as tail lights for some years. David Faircloth.

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