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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs


Class 100 first class saloon

Finishings were pastel shades of plastic laminate panels bonded to hardboard. Glazed open partitions formed of plastic covered blockboard and supported by stainless steel grab poles were fitted either side of intermediate doors. Partitions with sliding doors were fitted at the entrance to first class. Ceiling panels were of Laconite, and metal fittings were brass matt chrome finish or an aluminium anodised alloy.

The first image shows a first class saloon, and the second a second class saloon.

The floors had 3/4 inch cork sheets fitted on top of the corrugated steel plates, framed in timber and sandwiched between 1/16 inch plastic sheeting to give sound insulation and prolonged life. The corkboard sandwich was supplied by Insulation Equipment Ltd. Behind the wall panels there was an asbestos insulation treatment, supplied by J.W. Roberts.

Class 100 second class saloon

The tubing for the seat frames was supplied by Accles & Pollock Ltd. and the interior lighting by J. Stone & Co. (Deptford) Ltd.

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