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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs


Class 100 cab

On the power cars the standard BUT power train was used, all electro-pnuematically controlled. Each power car had two AEC 150hp engines, each connected to a Wilson design epicyclic four speed gearbox and a final drive reversing gearbox on the inner axle of the adjoining bogie.

There were two fuel tanks, each with an individual capacity of 80 gallons, plus 15 gallons for each car heater. Standard Gresham & Craven quick release vacuum brakes were used, with two 18 inch vacuum cylinders and two rotary exhausters, belt driven from the engines. The trailer also had two 18 inch vacuum cylinders. A Stones dynamo was fitted to each vehicle, engine driven on the DMBS and axle driven on the DTCs.

Each car was fitted with two Smiths combustion oil heaters, one using fresh air and the other recycled.

The vehicles had a 40 ft bogie pitch, and 36 inch diameter wheels. SKF roller bearing axle boxes were used, supported by individual laminated springs supplied by the English Steel Corp. Ltd. Coil springs came from Turton Bros & Mathews Ltd., while the wheels and axles were supplied by Taylor Bros & Co. Ltd.

Standard BR buffing and drawgear, and gangways were fitted.

The cab (pictured on this page) extended 4ft 7in from back to front, utilising standard controls as used in most other DMUs.

Vehicle 50358 was experimentally fitted with CAV Ltd automatic gearchange equipment.

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