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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs


The first nine sets were ultimately destined for services around Edinburgh, however they initially went on loan to 9A (Longsight), being delivered from GRC&W to Manchester at the rate of about one a week. They travelled via Cam Hill, Castle Bromwich, Walsall & Crewe.

Noted in use on Manchester - Buxton - Crewe services on the 16th June '57 were Sc50339/56094 and Sc50340/56095. Sc50346/56101 arrived in Birmingham on the 1st August 1957 and was used the following day to work an additional train to Manchester. Returning to Birmingham New Street the same day it left the next day for Manchester, again on a relief passenger turn.

The introduction of the winter timetable on the 16th September '57 saw a new working with a Longsight set running to Birmingham every day. Arriving at New St at 11:12 as the 09:50 from Stoke-on-Trent, it returned as the 13:05 to Wolverhampton. During the first week 50345/56100 and 50349/56104 were noted on it, and on the 19th the 13:05 to Wolverhampton was formed of 50346/56101 and 50390/56145 (Class 105).

Six of the sets destined for the ScR also spent a period at Llandudno Jct. - 50339-41/3-5 with 56094-6/8-100. Sets of up to 8-cars were used on Saturdays on the 07:08 Llandudno to Birkenhead, returning as the 10:00 Birkenhead to Llandudno and the 10:30 Prestatyn to Manchester (Exchange) returning at 13:30 to Llandudno. The stock worked empty from Llandudno Jct to Prestatyn (these workings could also have been Derby Lightweights?). The vehicles were also know to have worked "The Welsh Dragon" shuttle service between Rhyl and Llandudno (such as on the August '57 bank holiday when three sets were used), on which Derby Lightweights were already in use. At the time it was thought that all the 79xxx vehicles would have their MW systems adapted to work with the then new blue square standard cars.

M50355/7 were delivered to 6G (Llandudno Jct) in Sept/Oct '57.

The LMR received the rest of the first batch for use in the Midlands, announcing in mid-Dec '57 that the sets would be used to extend DMU schemes in the Manchester and Birmingham areas, and introduced on workings between Liverpool Central and Gateacre and Liverpool Central and Warrington (from Jan 6th '58 at hourly intervals). The cars operated on local and branch line services, mainly in the Birmingham area, later based at Longsight and Newton Heath.

On the 4th Dec. '57 50350 and DTC went empty stock from Crewe to Lostock Hall to work the 'Canadian Trade Mission Special' around South Lancashire.

In June '58 they started operating from Walsall to Dudley and on the Birmingham - Rugely services.

Easter '59 diesel railcar excursions included M50352/7 and Class 103 50408 (all with trailers) on a W720 Walsall - Euston.

By 1965 50348-57 with 56103-112 were allocated to 2G (Rycroft - Walsall) for local services from Birmingham New Street. 50358 & 56113 were allocated to 9L (Buxton) working between Buxton and the Peak Forest.

In March 1969 50348-58 and 56103-13 moved from Chester to Longsight, allowing a batch of Longsight 108s to move to Carlisle.

The second batch went to the ScR, based at Leith Central, and operated the first dieselised Edinburgh suburban services.

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