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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs

Scotland (cont.)

ScR timetable

The 9th June saw the completion of the Edinburgh Suburban Dieselisation Scheme when sets took over the suburban and the Musselburgh services. The service was basically the same as steam - the journey times on the suburban was actually slightly increase, to allow for engineering work in connection with the new Craiglockhart - Slateford line. The Edinburgh - Rosewell and Hawthornden trains were also dieselised and improved.

A selection of handbills from the early years of the suburban services can be found here.

On Monday 7th July (although I've also seen this date quoted as the 4th August) they took over the Edinburgh (Princes St.) to Glasgow (Central) services, operating as four car sets, with steam remaining on the 12:30 SO, 13:20 SO and 17:16 SX from Central, and the 17:17 SX, 18:10 SO and 22:45 SO from Princes Street. While at the termini the sets also worked the following trains: 06:45 Shotts - Edinburgh, 18:10 SO Edinburgh - Shotts & 20:58 SO return, 12:33 Edinburgh - Kingsknowe and 13:06 SX return, 07:30 and 15:30 Cathcart Outer circle trains, and the 13:25 Glasgow - Whitecraigs and 14:27 return.

Class 100 Glasgow Central

The image is a ScR publicity shot of a set leaving Glasgow Central, dated 10th July 1958.

On the 2nd August '58 a combination of the Bank Holiday and the return Glasgow Fair traffic saw an 8-car set used to supplement the Swindon Inter-City sets on the Edinburgh - Glasgow line.

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