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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs

Scotland (cont.)

It wasn't long before the ScR cars were joined by 11 of the LMR sets, some going to Hamilton, although two returned south soon after.

It was noted in September '58 that the DMUs had not stimulated any extra passengers on the Princes Street - Central line. Most services were now reduced from 4-cars to one twin, and Met-Camms were also appearing on the services. On the 15th Sep. '58, the Edinburgh Autumn Holiday, the North Berwick services were 'jam-packed' and extra steam services were run.

Apparently due to complaints of rough riding in late '58, the sets were taken off the Edinburgh Princes Street - Glasgow Central via Benhar line for a spell, and replaced by Swindon Inter-City sets and 101s from Dundee. When the Swindon Inter-City sets were transferred from the WR to the ScR, these replaced any Gloucester workings still remaining on the Edinburgh / Glasgow via Holytown line.

Around March '59 the ScR formed a 3-car set for use as a test train on some routes, loaded with brake blocks.

On Sunday 9/8/59 a diesel land cruise from St. Enoch to Largs and Girvan consisted of four Gloucester twins. Similar recent excursions had used Met-Cams.

Failures requiring assistance were becoming more and more frequent on the Edinburgh suburban line in Winter 59/60, not helped by the increase in traffic. N15 69211 from 64B was a regular in assisting ailing units.

About November 1960 the BMU was absent from the Ballater line, and its workings were being operated by a Gloucester or Cravens unit.

1965 allocations were:
50339-43 with 56094-8 at 66C (Hamilton) for South Clyde locals from Glasgow Central & Hamilton.
50344-7 with 56090-102 and 51108-10 with 56300 were at 67A (Corkerhill) for Glasgow St. Enoch - East Kilbride / Kilmacolm workings.
51111-27 with 56303-19 were allocated to 64H (Leith Central) for Edinburgh - North Berwick workings.

Declining Scottish traffic in the late '60s saw its sets go to East Anglia, based at Norwich Thorpe and Cambridge.

ScR sets were observed on Tyneside during 1967 being used as replacements for the South Tyneside electric system which was being dismantled at the time. Sets observed by Fred Kerr during 6th -8th July working South Gosforth diagrams included 51108/56099, 51114/56313, 51115/56305, 51115/56307 (changed DTC), 51120/56303, 51125/56317.

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