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Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs

Liveries - Others

Experimental Class 100 livery

Although none of the cars were ever refurbished, two DTCs (coupled together) were chosen to model trial liveries for refurbished cars. Applied at Wolverton in 1974, each side of each car was painted differently. The secondman's side and front of 56315 was done in warning panel yellow, with black logo and numbering, and for obvious reasons there was no yellow stripe denoting 1st class. The opposite side was similar to the livery chosen, white sides with a band below window level, although in this case the band was an orange stripe, with a white logo on the band (as pictured right at Wolverton by Keith Gunner on April 7th 1974.

Experimental Class 100 livery

The numbering was in black below the stripe, and there was a yellow stripe for first class in the usual place. A blue stripe was also tried, but quite narrow and with the logo below, as pictured left by Ken Barnes at St. Rollox.

Experimental Class 100 livery

The other vehicle 56317 remained in plain blue on the secondman's side and had a yellow end, but on the drivers side was a plain red colour with white logo and yellow first class stripe. Numbering was either yellow or white. It can be seen at the rear of the second shot on the right, again by Keith Gunner at Wolverton on April 7th 1974. Pictures also appeared in Rail magazine, issue 193 (Feb 3-16 1993).

E56315 didn't return to passenger traffic but in July '74 became part of the Fisons weedkiller trains FA 99900. It's yellow livery was partially kept, the lower side becoming brown, then later red, and finally in ran in green with a white waist band. Another non-passenger set that carried it's own colours was the ER General Manager's "Stourton Saloon" (DB 975664 / 975637) which was painted into Provincial Blue in the mid-'80s.

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