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100 DMU

Departmental cars 975349 975539 (formerly 51116 56101) pass through the centre roads of Newcastle station on 21/04/1988. Graeme Phillips Collection.

101 DMU

A number of Class 101 units are seen in Darlington DMU depot (DN) that was to the north of the station in May 1976. It had an allocation of mainly Class 101s for local services around Teesside, until the mid-1980s, from when all the north-east's DMUs were concentrated at Heaton (HT) depot, Newcastle. Graeme Phillips Collection.

101 DMU

Refurbished set B801 seen at Cardiff on the 14th April 1980. Graeme Phillips Collection.

met-camm-lightweight DMU

The staff seem happy to be posing in front of this Met-Camm Lighweight unit in Tilbury station on the 16th July 1959. Steve Davies Collection.

119 DMU

GRC&W Cross-Country set B579 seen at Fareham in 1971. Steve Davies Collection.

105 DMU

The driver and guard wait patiently for the last passengers to board at St Albans so they can be on their way. Undated. Steve Davies Collection.

105 DMU

A 2-car Class 105 waits at St Albans. Undated Steve Davies Collection.

105 DMU

A snowy scene at St Albans with a 2-car Cravens being prepared for departure time. Steve Davies Collection.

121 DMU

L280 (54280) + L403 (51336 + 59488 + 51378), in that order, seen at Oxford on the 14th April 1987. S Gaskell.

108 DMU

Two Class 108 driver trailers at Tyseley TMD on the 14th February 1987, M54223 closest. It had been transferred to the depot from Newton Heath at the start of May 1986. S Gaskell.

116 DMU

Class 116 centre car M59440 at Tyseley TMD on the 14th February 1987. Amongst the other DMU vehicles are two Class 108 driver trailers, the closest being 54223. S Gaskell.

115 DMU

The interior of Class 115 DMBS 51898, taken at Tyseley TMD on the 14th February 1987. S Gaskell.

116 DMU

Class 116 DMBS 53840 at Tyseley TMD on the 14th February 1987. S Gaskell.

124 DMU

A Class 124 Trans-Penning unit seen at Selby on 28/07/1975. Apparently still in original 6-car formation, including Buffet car with red stripe at cantrail level, it is entering the station as what would have most likely be a Hull - Manchester / Liverpool TransPennine service (the headcode has an M in the second position, confirming a Midland region destination). Leading car is E51962, followed by 51982. Graeme Phillips Collection.

101 DMU

A four-car hybrid formation (101 / 108 / 101 / 108) is seen at Newcastle heading towards Manors on a service to either North Tyneside or Morpeth / beyond, June 1977. Graeme Phillips Collection.

101 DMU

A Class 101 and 120 at Shrewsbury, c.1980. It shows the contrasting cab styles of the Metropolitan Cammell (left) and Swindon Works designs (right). The 101 is a Cardiff-based refurbished set no C814 in blue and grey livery. It has an additional high density headlamp - unusual at the time - for use on the Central Wales line. Similarly, the Class 120 features a pair of bars between the cab windows, to which an additional headlamp would be fitted. Graeme Phillips Collection.

101 DMU

A Class 101 and 120 formation at Stirling in September 1986. The leading set is 101323, formed of only one 101 (51251) and two 120s (59580 and 51587). The rear unit is a three-car Class 101. Graeme Phillips Collection.

108 DMU

A Class 108 set (54243 + 53959) awaits departure from Newcastle platform 9 with the 17:33 Newcastle - Hexham, 03/06/1988. Graeme Phillips Collection.

101 DMU

DMS E53169 is seen in what was then Newcastle platform 11, with Brough on its destination blind, on 2/10/87. Below the driver's window can be seen the letters BG, the depot code for Hull Botanic Gardens, which at the time maintained a fleet of DMUs for East Yorkshire. In most cases, the top and bottom centre lights were smoothed away without a trace upon refurbishment, but this cab front exhibits the welded plates. Graeme Phillips Collection.

101 DMU

Class 101 and 105 vehicles E56085 E51221 E56459 E51429 E56081 and E51485 call at Heaton on the last day of British Rail services, 10/08/1980. Although situated on the East Coast Main Line, it was one of a number of stations closed across Newcastle and North Tyneside at this time, pending development of the Tyneside Metro system. Heaton station wasn't replaced as part of the Metro system, but the area is served by nearby Byker and Chillingham Road stations. Graeme Phillips Collection.

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