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1.  Programme of Diesel Multiple Unit operation  (Contd.)

(b)  Submission of Schemes  (Contd.)

Mr.Elliot considered that, as the Civil Engineer's requirements had to be formulated in the early stages of the investigation into individual schemes, the progress statement should indicate the target dates to which the Civil Engineer's department required to conform and it was noted that this point would be covered.

Discussion arose over the Works Building Programme for diesel multiple units and it was agreed that Mr.Gould would produce a statement showing the appropriate building programme from which the units for each of the future schemes were to be drawn, after which Mr.Randle would supply particulars for the proposed Works building programme for diesel units for 1961.

2.  Design of Units

(a)  Double axle drive and maintenance costs

The possibility of the development of a double axle drive design for motor cars with one 230/238 H.P. engine in relation to motor cars fitted with two 150 H.P. engine was considered, particularly in regard to the estimated maintenance costs of the motor cars fitted with single Rolls Royce engines.  Doubt was expressed as to whether the maintenance costs at present are realistic, very little information being, as yet, available in respect of Rolls Royce engines.

It was agreed that the C.M.& E.E. woould reply to the General Manager's enquiry of the 13th November, after which an investigation would be initiated to establish a revised basis for repair costs.

(b)  Arm Rests

Noted it had been decided that centre gangway armrests would be omitted from second class seating in future high density vehicles.  This decision would not operate in respect of the vehicles for the St.Pancras scheme, but would apply to the vehicles for the Marylebone Suburban service and the Liverpool-Manchester C.L.C. service.

It was made clear that the decision to omit arm rests did not affect the fitting of high backed seats to high density vehicles.

3.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by Contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix "C".

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