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Traffic Receipts

Statements for August 1959 attached as Appendix "A".


(a) Delivery of trains

Noted that first train now delivered to Derby and undergoing trials.  Second train to be delivered to Derby on December 16th.

(b) Commencement of service

Mr.Randle reported that, during the running trials of the first train, various faults had been found, including a serious one concerning the riding over the power bogies, which may necessitate these cars being returned to the makers.  Mr.Randle expressed doubt as to whether the train could be put right in time to go into service in February 1960 and it was agreed that a decision on the date of commencement of the service be deferred until the next meeting, by which time it was hoped that a definite decision could be made.

(c) Inspection by Diesel Trains Committee

Agreed this be arranged for Thursday, December 10th between Luton and Leicester, on the assumption that the train will be on a running trial that day.

(d) Publicity

Noted that the exhibition of the first train at Marylebone during week ending November 27th had been postponed and a new date had not yet been arranged.

Mr.Crawshaw was taking the initiative in regard to the essential publicity covering pictorial poster and press advertising and the printing of a special brochure.  The information in the latter would be agreed with the Pullman Car Company.

Two newspapers, "The Guardian" and "The Evening News" would be carrying special feature articles regarding the trains just prior to the introduction of the service.

(e) Maintenance and Cleaning

The Chairman said the General Manager had emphasised the importance of the trains being cleaned, maintained and serviced to impeccable standards and that he is prepared to authorise some additional expenditure on special equipment which may be needed to achieve the desired high standard.  It was noted that Messrs.Arkle and Robson were collaborating to ensure that the arrangements made were completely satisfactory.

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