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1.  St.Pancras Suburban Services   (Contd.)

(c) Cricklewood Maintenance Depot  (Contd.)

Mr.Elliot reported that all essential building and civil engineering work would be complete by December 15th, and heating, plumbing and decoration would be completed by the end of the year.  A departmental meeting was to be held to deal with a few smaller items.

2.  Marylebone Suburban Services

(a) Submission of scheme

Noted that scheme approved by Commission on October 22nd.  When approving the scheme the Commission asked for a further memorandum to be furnished to them on -

(a) The possibility of stopping the diesel trains at Moor Park, Rickmansworth and Chorley Wood when the new service is introduced.

(b) Giving the extent and the approximate cost of the work involved in constructing platforms on the fast lines at the stations between Harrow and Moor Park.

The Chairman said that a working party had been set up by the Central T.C.C. to report on trains not calling at certain stations.  The report of the working party, which had been approved by the Central T.C.C. had been issued and that they did not recommend trains calling at the stations under notice, with the exception that a stop at Chorley Wood may be desirable at some time in the future.  The London D.T.M had this point under consideration.  The Chairman will arrange for a suitable reply to be sent to the Commission.

(b) Publicity

It was decided that the question of publicity should be deferred until the next meeting.

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