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Class 114 Derby 2-car DMUs


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114 DMU


16th April 1988
Class 114 DTS in Snailwell on April 16, 1988. Surface Stock.

114 DMU


8th April 1984
50045 leading 56004 in their unique South Yorkshire PTE brown/cream livery, waiting time for the next departure to Cleethorpes on 8/Apr/1984. Robert Chilton.

114 DMU


16th October 1980
The very rare sight of a DMU (classes 114 & 105) on a Liverpool Street - Cambridge service: E50003, E56014, E56114 and E51294 head the 12.05 Liverpool Street - Cambridge at Hackney Downs presumably due to shortage of loco or stock. The same unit worked Up on the 09.27 Cambridge - Liverpool Street and it wasn't doing too badly at only 8 minutes late! 16/Oct/1980. Robert Chilton.

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