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1.  Programme of diesel multiple unit operation  (Contd.)

(a)  Position of schemes still to be submitted  (Contd.)

Manchester Part 10.  Proposals would be complete in a few days, and copies would be circulated to Committee for their approval before submission to the April Area Board.

Consideration was also given to three further schemes and it was noted that -

Manchester Part 4.  Due for submission to the General Manager in November, 1959.  All departments concerned had agreed proposals with the exception of C.C.E. and Mr.Martin would specially investigate and expedite.

Nottingham-Leicester-St.Pancras etc.
Marylebone-Nottingham (Victoria)
  To be submitted to General Manager at end of March, 1960.  Proposals now with the Costs Office and Mr.Gould would report whether target date would be achieved.

(b)  Estimates for cleaning, fuelling and maintenance facilities

Notes of meeting held on February 19th noted and Mr.Reynolds said that departments concerned had now been advised that "shot" estimates of the outlay required for cleaning, fuelling and maintenance facilities should be shown on future submissions, although it must be stated that the estimate was in broad terms and that final plans and firm estimates would be submitted for approval later.  The object of including these facilities in the submission was to enable the broad appraisal of the financial outcome of the scheme under consideration to be provided for the information of the Area Board and the Commission, and the variation in the estimated outlay on the depots should not seriously upset the financial justification so long as care was taken to see that all items required were included in the "shot" estimates.

(c)  1961 Diesel Multiple Unit Building Programme

Noted that the 1961 requirements had been reviewed and the Commission had been advised of the revised requirement of 216 vehicles, this being accounted for by a reduction of 12 vehicles for summer working based on Southport in the Manchester Part 5 scheme.  Commission approval had not yet been received for the 1961 requirements.

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