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DMU Vehicle Allocations

The allocation history for each vehicle is slowly being added to the vehicle pages. So far they are available for the following types:

  • Class 100
  • Class 103
  • Class 105
  • Class 107
  • Class 109
  • Class 110
  • Class 112
  • Class 113
  • Class 114
  • Class 120
  • Class 123
  • Class 124
  • Class 125
  • Class 126 inc. 79xxx vehicles
  • Class 128 and 129 parcel cars
  • Derby Lightweights
  • Met-Camm Lightweights
  • Railbuses

The search box on the left can be used to access the individual vehicle details. Other types will be accessible as I complete adding the data.

If my information appears wrong or differs from popular thoughts I'd be happy to discuss, just drop me a line.

Each Region published regular updates on changes to their fleet, from which the allocations here are derived. It should be noted that these allocations are therefore the paper allocations, and these didn't always reflect what was happening with the vehicle, but any notable discrepencies will be noted where known.

The reporting periods differed over the years, and between Regions. For the abbreviations found in the listings here - w/e means week ending, and p/e means period ending (often representing a month). Specific dates may reflect a w/e date although it wasn't specified.

The Western Region didn't publish it's DMU allocations in the early years, and so most of when we know is from observations. Similarly the London Midland Region didn't initially publish the allocations for non-powered vehicles. It is presumed that these moved with their respective initial power cars.

The Regions occasionally printed stock lists for their fleets, and two of these are available here - WR from 1962 and LMR from 1967.

WR stock 1962 LMR stock 1967

Finally, this is a Scottish Region allocation list from March 1985. The single page has a wealth of detail, including allocations, liveries, whether the vehicles are refurbished, even the Regions stocks of engines.

I'd welcome copies of any other similar documents to add here if anyone has any?


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