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DMU Types

British Railways introduced many different types of DMUs, built in it's own workshops or by private builders for differing duties, developed as technology advanced. This section looks at each type in detail.

Class 100 Gloucester RC&W 2-car DMUs
Class 101/2 Met-Camm 2,3 & 4-car DMUs
Class 103 Park Royal 2-car DMUss
Class 104 Birmingham RC&W 2,3 & 4-car DMUs
Class 105/6 Cravens 2 & 3-car DMUs
Class 107 Derby 3-car DMUs
Class 108 Derby 2, 3 & 4-car DMUs
Class 109 Wickham 2-car DMUs
Class 110 Birmingham RC&W 3-car DMUs
Class 111 Met-Camm 2 & 3-car DMUs
Class 112/3 Cravens 2-car DMUs
Class 114 Derby 2-car DMUs
Class 115 Derby 4-car DMUs
Class 116 Derby 3-car DMUs
Class 117 Pressed Steel 3-car DMUs
Class 118 Birmingham RC&W 3-car DMUs
Class 119 Gloucester RC&W 3-car DMUs
Class 120 Swindon 3-car DMUs
Class 121 Pressed Steel single & 2-car DMUs
Class 122 Gloucester RC&W single & 2-car DMUs
Class 123 Swindon Inter-City 4-car DMUs
Class 124 Swindon Trans-Pennine 6-car DMUs
Class 125 Derby 3-car DMUs
Class 126 Swindon Inter-City 3-car DMUs (5xxxx series)
Class 127 Derby 4-car DMUs
Class 128 Gloucester RC&W single Parcel DMUs
Class 129 Cravens single Parcel DMUs
Class 130 Derby ex-Class 116 Parcel Conversions
Class 131 Gloucester RC&W ex-Class 122 Parcel Conversions

Red Triangle (West Riding) Derby Lightweight 2-car DMUs
Yellow Diamond Derby Lightweight 1, 2 & 4-car DMUs
Early Met-Camm (Lightweight) 2-car DMUs
Swindon Inter-City 6-car DMUs (79xxx series)
50000/56000 Derby 2-car DMU
Battery Multiple Unit Derby 2-car BMU set

ACV 4-wheeled vehicles
AC Cars Railbuses
BCV / ECW Railbuses
Park Royal Railbuses
Waggon und Maschinenbau (WMD) Railbuses
Wickham Railbuses

Blue Pullman Met-Camm 6 & 8 car sets

The class numbers were not allocated until later years but are used here for ease of identity, some types were withdrawn before the class numbers were brought into use but it's commonly accepted that the numbers used here (109/112/113) were allocated to them.

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