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Railcar Topics

Accidents involving DMUs

Birmingham Cross-City Farewell photo feature

British Industries Fair The DMUs that ran the shuttle services in the 1950s.

Building A DMU A photograhic look at the construction of Swindon 79xxx Inter-city vehicles.

Buxton Class 104 Farewell photo feature

Day Line Diesel Tickets - A North Eastern Region promotion in the late 1950s.

Destination Blinds - Where would you like to go?

Driving - what's involved in driving a DMU?

The Edinburgh DMU Story - told by Alan Rintoul

Exhibitions - Modern Railway Travel - Battersea Wharf 1957

Hawksworth Coaches - used by the WR as extra centre cars

Lighweight Train Commitee - Minutes from the LMR decision makers.

Mock-Ups - testing aesthetics before building.

The Quaintonian - A regular excursion to the Buckingham Railway Centre.

The Railbus Story - a look at the decision making and planning for the four-wheeled railbuses. This part takes us up to the delivery of the first vehicle, looking at what was behind the ordering of these vehicles and how the plans for their use evolved.

Introduction of set numbers -
    LMR, 1969 - Control and Maintenance of Diesel Multiple Units
    ScR, 1966 - Control and Utilisation of Diesel Multiple Units

Railtours - a look at some railtours that featured DMUs.

A Sunday Drive On the Railway Track - the filming of a Shell Mex advert in 1967 by David Underwood

Tail Loads - Recollections of DMUs pulling tail loads.

Unofficial Names - a look at the names that appeared in the 1980/90s by Jonathan Horswell


1991 Rugby Special by Gazza Prescott
A Farewell to 101s in North Wales by Eddie Knorn
Railcar Memories - Eric Stuart remembers the early years of DMUs.
Valley Lines Day Ranger 1987 by Phil Evans
Working the DMUs by Arno Brooks

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